File attachments
Resolution No. 91-12-18 PDF icon License Plate Readers
Resolution No. 89-12-18 PDF icon Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Budget Adjustment
Resolution No. 45-08-18 PDF icon Code Enforcement Officer (CDBG)
Resolution No. 85-11-18 PDF icon Johnson Controls Incorporated
Resolution No. 69-10-18 PDF icon CDBG Amended Timeline
Resolution No. 74-11-18 PDF icon Agreement with Itamar Macedo
Resolution No. 78-11-18 PDF icon Agreement with Simmons & White
Resolution No. 87-11-18 PDF icon Purchase of Groundsmaster Turf Mower
Resoution No. 86-11-18 PDF icon Budget Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2018/2019
Resolution No. 84-11-18 PDF icon Northlake Promenade Development
Resolution No. 83-11-18 PDF icon Murphy Oil Site Plan
Resolution No. 82-11-18 PDF icon Agreement wth Serv-Pro
Resolution No. 81-11-18 PDF icon Agreement with CPZ Architects
Resolution No. 80-11-18 PDF icon Agreement with Calvin Giordano and Associates
Resolution No. 76-11-18 PDF icon Agreement with Engenuity Group, Inc.
Resolution No. 75-11-18 PDF icon Library Annual Plan of Service
Approval of Refuse Container Purchase PDF icon Approval of Refuse Container Purchase.pdf
Resolution No. 72-10-18 PDF icon Bert Bostrom Playground Equipment
Resolution No. 70-10-18 PDF icon Library Surplus Items
Resolution No. 69-10-18 PDF icon Community Development Block Grant Amended Timeline
Resolution No. 71-10-18 PDF icon Surveillance Cameras and Related Equipment
Resolution No. 64-10-18 PDF icon Third Amendment to Town Manager Agreement
Resolution No. 73-10-18 PDF icon Granicus Website Contract 2018
Resolution No. 68-10-18 PDF icon PBC Interlocal Agreement for Installation of Traffic Camera Readers
Resolution No. 67-10-18 PDF icon Florida Government Week 2018
Resolution No. 66-10-18 PDF icon Municipal Election Agreement 2019 SOE Contract
Resolution No. 65-10-18 PDF icon Establishing the Municipal Election
Resolution No. 62-09-18 PDF icon Final Budget
Resolution No. 61-09-18 PDF icon Final Millage Rate
Resolution No. 63-09-18 PDF icon Property and Casualty Insurance