File attachments
Resolution 68-10-18 PDF icon PBC Interlocal Agreement for Installation of Traffic Camera Readers
Resolution 67-10-18 PDF icon Florida Government Week 2018
Resolution No. 66-10-18 PDF icon Municipal Election Agreement 2019 SOE Contract
Resolution 65-10-18 PDF icon Establishing the Municipal Election
Resolution No. 62-09-18 Final Budget PDF icon 620918 Final Budget.pdf
Resolution No. 61-09-18 Final Millage Rate PDF icon Final Millage Rate
Resolution No. 63-09-18 FY 2019 Property & Casualty Insurance PDF icon Property and Casualty Insurance
Resolution No. 60-09-18 Cancelling the November 21, 2018 Commission meeting PDF icon Cancelling the November 21, 2018 Regular Commission Meeting
Resolution No. 59-09-18 Master Fee Schedule PDF icon Master Fee Schedule
Resolution No. 58-09-18 REG Architects Inc. PDF icon Mirror Ballroom Doors Historical Restoration
Resolution No. 57-09-18 Mirror Ballroom French Doors Restoration PDF icon Mirror Ballroom French Doors
Resolution No. 56-09-18 Library Innovation Grant Application PDF icon Library Innovation Grant Application
Resolution No. 55-09-18 Non Renewal Letter with SirsiDynix PDF icon Non Renewal Letter with SirsiDynix
Resolution No. 54-09-18 Annual State Aid to Libraries Grant PDF icon Annual State Aid to Libraries Grant
Resolution No. 52-09-18 Millage PDF icon 520918 Millage.pdf
Resolution No. 50-09-18 Matthews Consulting PDF icon 500918 Matthews Consulting.pdf
Resolution No. 46-08-18 CRA Budget 2018-2019 PDF icon Resolution No. 460818 CRA Budget.pdf
Palm Beach County Sheriifs Office Service Agreement (14th Addendum) PDF icon PBSO 14th Addendum.pdf
Resolution No. 51-09-18 Bob's Barricades PDF icon 510918 Bob's Barricades, Inc..pdf
Resolution No. 49-09-18 Poperty & Casualty Insurance for the CRA PDF icon 490918 Property and Casualty Insurance for CRA.pdf
Resolution No. 30-06-18 PDF icon 300618 Statewide Mutual Aid Agreement.pdf
Resolution No. 48-08-18 Employee Benefit Package PDF icon Resolution 48-08-18
Resolution No. 47-08-18 Opting Out of Palm Beach County Housing, Places of Public Accommodation PDF icon Resolution 47-08-18
Resolution No. 40-07-18 Vac-con PDF icon 400718 Vac-con Agreement.pdf
Resolution No. 43-08-18 (918 Park Avenue) PDF icon 430818.pdf
Resolution No. 44-08-18 Special Exception Use for 1209 Northlake Blvd PDF icon 440818.pdf
Resolution No. 31-06-18 PDF icon Lambda Rail Inter local Agreement with Palm Beach County
Resolution No. 41-07-18 Change Order with The Hinterland Group Inc. PDF icon 41-07-18
Resolution No. 42-07-18 Mid-Year Budget Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2018 PDF icon 42-07-18
Resolution No. 39-07-18 Schedule of Fees for Development Review Applications PDF icon 39-07-18