File attachments
Resolution Number 46-07-20 PDF icon Commercial Kitchen Application
Resolution Number 45-07-20 PDF icon Mid-Year FSA Election Change
Resolution Number 43-06-20 PDF icon Strategic Marketing Agreement
Resolution 44-06-20 PDF icon Lake Shore Drive Drainage Project
Resolution 42-06-20 PDF icon Nautilus 220 Site Plan
Resolution Number 28-03-20 PDF icon 280320 Amendment No 1 United Special Patrol.pdf
Resolution Number 36-05-20 PDF icon 360520 Baxter Woodman Inc Lake Shore Drive Drainage.pdf
Resolution Number 33-04-20 PDF icon Zoning in Progress
Resolution Number 32-04-20 PDF icon Accepting Election Results of March 2020
Resolution Number 31-03-20 PDF icon Cancellation of April 1, 2020 Regular Commission Meeting
Resolution Number 18-02-20 PDF icon Municipal Election Agreement
Resolution Number 06-01-20 PDF icon Lambda Rail Phase II Lake Shore Park and Marina
Resolution Number 27-03-20 PDF icon Raftelis Contract
Resolution Number 30-03-20 PDF icon Budget Amendment
Resolution Number 29-03-20 PDF icon Budget Amendment
Resolution Number 26-03-20 PDF icon CDBG Application for Playground Equipment at Lake Shore Park
Resolution Number 25-03-20 PDF icon Palm Beach Gardens Mobility Fees
Resolution Number 19-02-20 PDF icon MCCi Scanning Project
Resolution Number 17-02-20 PDF icon Repairs to Jasmine Drive and Flagler Blvd
Resolution Number 16-02-20 PDF icon Not Approved
Resolution Number 24-02-20 PDF icon Library Services and Technology Act (Grant)
Resolution Number 21-02-20 PDF icon Purchase of Turf Mower
Resolution Number 20-02-20 PDF icon Budget Amendment (Public Works)
Resolution Number 13-02-20 PDF icon Coastal Karma Brewing LLC
Resolution Number 12-02-20 PDF icon Caribbean Meat Market
Resolution Number 15-02-20 PDF icon Budget Amendment
Resolution Number 14-02-20 PDF icon Special Exception Use for Tender Care
Resolution Number 11-02-20 PDF icon CRA Budget Amendment
Resolution Number 05-01-20 PDF icon Town Manager Contract Renewal with John D'Agostino
Resolution Number 10-01-20 PDF icon Budget Amendment for Fiscal Year 2019/2020 (Sanitation)