File attachments
Resolution 39-06-20 PDF icon Palm Beach County Urban County Qualifying Process for Fiscal Year 2021-2023
Resolution 37-06-20 PDF icon Interlocal Agreement with Palm Beach County for Installation of Artistic Vinyl Wraps
Resolution 61-09-20 PDF icon Tentative Budget
Resolution 64-09-20 PDF icon Fiscal Year 2021 Property & Casualty Insurance
Resolution 63-09-20 PDF icon Fiscal Year 2021 Employee Benefits Package
Resolution 62-09-20 PDF icon Community Development Block Grant Lake Shore Playground Equipment
Resolution 60-09-20 PDF icon Proposed Millage Rate
Resolution 59-09-20 PDF icon Work Authorization with WRMA
Resolution 58-09-20 PDF icon Grant Agreement with University of Florida
Resolution 57-09-20 PDF icon Fiscal Year 2021 Property & Casualty Insurance for the Community Redevelopment Agency
Resolution Number 56-08-20 PDF icon Master Fee Schedule
Resolution Number 54-08-20 PDF icon Community Redevelopment Agency Budget
Resolution Number 53-08-20 PDF icon Dunkin Donut License Agreement
Resolution Number 51-08-20 PDF icon Grant Agreement for Lake Worth Lagoon Waterfront
Resolution Number 49-08-20 PDF icon Memo of Understanding with Waste Management
Resolution Number 48-08-20 PDF icon Centennial Celebration Committee
Resolution Number 01-01-20 PDF icon Final FEMA Hurricane Irma Agreement
Resolution Number 47-07-20 PDF icon Sale at Sea Agreement to Lease Slips for Nautilus
Resolution Number 35-05-20 PDF icon Subgrantee Agreement Hurricane Dorian
Resolution Number 46-07-20 PDF icon Commercial Kitchen Application
Resolution Number 45-07-20 PDF icon Mid-Year FSA Election Change
Resolution Number 43-06-20 PDF icon Strategic Marketing Agreement
Resolution Number 44-06-20 PDF icon Lake Shore Drive Drainage Project
Resolution Number 42-06-20 PDF icon Nautilus 220 Site Plan
Resolution Number 28-03-20 PDF icon 280320 Amendment No 1 United Special Patrol.pdf
Resolution Number 36-05-20 PDF icon 360520 Baxter Woodman Inc Lake Shore Drive Drainage.pdf
Resolution Number 33-04-20 PDF icon Zoning in Progress
Resolution Number 32-04-20 PDF icon Accepting Election Results of March 2020
Resolution Number 31-03-20 PDF icon Cancellation of April 1, 2020 Regular Commission Meeting
Resolution Number 18-02-20 PDF icon Municipal Election Agreement