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Resolution No. 48-08-18 Employee Benefit Package PDF icon Resolution 48-08-18
Resolution No. 47-08-18 Opting Out of Palm Beach County Housing, Places of Public Accommodation PDF icon Resolution 47-08-18
Resolution No. 40-07-18 Vac-con PDF icon 400718 Vac-con Agreement.pdf
Resolution No. 43-08-18 (918 Park Avenue) PDF icon 430818.pdf
Resolution No. 44-08-18 Special Exception Use for 1209 Northlake Blvd PDF icon 440818.pdf
Resolution No. 31-06-18 PDF icon Lambda Rail Inter local Agreement with Palm Beach County
Resolution No. 41-07-18 Change Order with The Hinterland Group Inc. PDF icon 41-07-18
Resolution No. 42-07-18 Mid-Year Budget Adjustment for Fiscal Year 2018 PDF icon 42-07-18
Resolution No. 39-07-18 Schedule of Fees for Development Review Applications PDF icon 39-07-18
Resolution No. 38-07-18 Honoring 50-Years of Municipal Home Rule in Florida PDF icon 38-07-18
Resolution No. 28-06-18 Was Not Adopted PDF icon 280618 CRA Not Adopted.pdf
Resolution No. 27-06-18 Terracon Services PDF icon 270618 Terracon Services.pdf
Resolution No. 35-06-18 Cancellation of August 15, 2018 Regular Commission Meeting PDF icon 350618 Cancellation of Commission Meeting.pdf
Resolution No. 36-06-18 Facility Rental Handbook PDF icon 360618 Facility Rental Handbook.pdf
Resolution No. 37-06-18 Kasper Electrical Inc PDF icon 370618 Kasper Electrical.pdf
Resolution No. 34-06-18 Marina Maintenance Worker II PDF icon Marina Maintenance Worker II Job Description
Resolution No. 33-06-18 Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program PDF icon Hazardous Mitigation Grant Program Lake Shore Drive Drainage
Resolution No. 32-06-18 Emergency Management Plan PDF icon Town of Lake Park Emergency Management Plan
Resolution No. 29-06-18 Hinterland Group PDF icon Hinterland Group Inc.
Resolution No. 26-05-18 Flying Scot Inc., Sidewalk Repairs PDF icon 260518 reso.pdf
Resolution No. 22-05-18 Development Order for PUD PDF icon Development Order for PUD
Resolution No. 23-05-18 Small Matching Grant PDF icon 230518 reso.pdf
Resolution No. 21-05-18 Cemex PDF icon 210518 reso.pdf
Resolution No. 25-05-18 FPL Lighting Agreement PDF icon 250518 FPL Lighting Agreement.pdf
Resolution No. 20-05-18 Meeting Cancellation PDF icon Canceling the First Regular Commission Meeting in July
Resolution No. 19-04-18 Mid Year Budget Adjustment PDF icon 190418 Budget Adjustment.pdf
Resolution No. 16-03-18 was not adopted PDF icon 16-03-18 Facility Rental Handbook.pdf, PDF icon 16-03-18 Facility Rental Handbook Not Adopted.pdf
Resolution No. 18-04-18 Priority Towing PDF icon 180418 towing services.pdf
Resolution No. 17-03-18 Professional Services My PR Guru PDF icon 170318.pdf
Resolution No. 15-03-18 Enterprise Fleet Management PDF icon 150318 Fleet Management.pdf