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Resolution Number 95-12-19 PDF icon Sanitation Truck Grabber Arm
Resolution No. 94-12-19 PDF icon Cancellation of January 1, 2020 Regular Commission Meeting
Resolution Number 93-11-19 PDF icon Agreement with PlayCore, Inc/GameTime
Resolution Number 89-10-19 PDF icon Dover, Kohl Agreement
Resolution Number 09-01-19 PDF icon Library State Aid Grant
Resolution Number 88-10-19 PDF icon Tuition Agreement with Anders Viane
Resolution Number 92-11-19 PDF icon United K9 Special Patrol
Resolution Number 91-10-19 PDF icon Brownfield Site Rehabilitation Agreement
Resolution Number 90-10-19 PDF icon Southwide Roadway Pavement
Resolution Number 87-10-19 PDF icon REG Architects
Resolution Number 85-10-19 PDF icon Census Committee
Resolution Number 84-10-19 PDF icon Census Partnership
Resolution Number 83-10-19 PDF icon Facility Rental Handbook
Resolution Number 49-06-19 PDF icon Agreement with Nextran Truck Center
Resolution Number 77-09-19 PDF icon Final Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Budget
Resolution Number 81-10-19 PDF icon 2020 Palm Beach County Community Development Block Grant Agreement
Resolution Number 76-09-19 PDF icon Fiscal Year 2019/2020 Adopted Millage Rate
Resolution Number 51-07-19 PDF icon Mathew Consulting Contract Amendment
Resolution Number 82-10-19 PDF icon Local Mitigation Plan
Resolution Number 80-10-19 PDF icon Water Infrastructure
Resolution Number 79-10-19 PDF icon Surplus Items
Resolution Number 78-10-19 PDF icon Recognizing Government Week
Resolution Number 75-09-19 PDF icon Town of Lake Park Property & Casualty Insurance
Resolution Number 74-09-19 PDF icon 2019 Master Fee Schedule
Resolution Number 73-09-19 PDF icon Establishing March 17, 2020 Mayoral Election
Resolution Number 72-09-19 PDF icon Expansion of License Plate Reader System-Vetted Security
Resolution Number 71-09-19 PDF icon Cancellation of October 16, 2019 Regular Commission Meeting
Resolution Number 62-09-19 PDF icon Property & Casualty Insurance for the CRA
Resolution Number 70-09-19 PDF icon Proposed Budget
Resolution Number 69-09-19 PDF icon Proposed Millage Rate