Town Clerk

The Town Clerk provides quality customer service to all Town customers and residents. The Clerk is the Town's chief records custodian, and protects and preserves all official records and documents, such as ordinances, resolutions, commission and board minutes, contracts and agreements. The Clerk is the Financial Disclosure Coordinator with the Florida Commission on Ethics, the Records Management Liaison to the Florida Department of State, along with coordinating all primary, general and special Town elections as the Municipal Supervisor of Elections. The Clerk's Office also disseminates information about legislative decisions and policy issues.

The Town Clerk is the administrator of all Town elections, and follows the Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections for election dates and distributing candidate packages to overseeing ballots and administering the oath of office. The Clerk is also the custodian of the Town Seal and provides notary services.  

Vivian Mendez has worked for the Town of Lake Park since 2003. Ms. Mendez holds the designation of being a Certified Municipal Clerk (CMC). The CMC program is designed to enhance the job performance of Town Clerks in both small and large municipalities. To earn the CMC designation, a municipal clerk must attend extensive education programs. The CMC designation also requires pertinent experience in a municipality. The CMC program prepares the applicants to meet the challenges of the complex role of the municipal clerk by providing them with quality education in partnership with institutions of higher learning, as well as state and national associations. At present, Ms. Mendez is working on earning her Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) designation. This is the ultimate level of professionalism and success that can be earned by any individual in her field.

On October 26, 2017 Ms. Mendez became the President of the Palm Beach County Municipal Clerk's Assocition.

Vivian Mendez
Phone: 561-881-3311

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