Scam Alert - Announced by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office Community Services

West Ilex Park:


Our elderly Hispanic community needs to beware of subjects calling from blocked or out of state phone numbers that they don’t recognize making ransom request alleging that a family member has been kidnapped, in need of money for a bond after an arrest, or in need money for emergency surgery due to an accident.  They need to take precautions and not divulge too much family related information on social media websites which allow these predators to victims the Hispanic community. 

 Usually the scams works as follows:

A family member is contacted by the suspect who demands money and requires the victim to stay on the line and respond to the nearest Wal-Mart.  They are then order to purchase a green dot Visa or other similar card and load the card with cash.  Sometimes based on the amount this may require  the victim to buy more than one card as some cards have limits.  The victim is then required to read the number off of the back of the card and the suspect withdrawls the money instantly.  Usually afterwards the exchange the victim contacts law enforcement.


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