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The Town of Lake Park's Public Works Department delivers exceptional service to our residents and businessess who consider Lake Park home.  The Department's 7 divisions - Administration, Sanitation, Grounds Maintenance, Facilities, Vehicle, Streets and Roads, and Stormwater - provide cost effective, creative, and strategic solutions to provide a clean, safe, and high quality community to live, work, and play.  

The Public Works Department is located at 640 Old Dixie Highway and is open from 7:30 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Richard Scherle, Public Works Director

PH: 561-881-3345
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7/30/2019 UPDATE: The design for the Lake Shore Drive Drainage system has progressed on schedule, with final plans expected by August of 2019.  By clicking the above link, you will be able to view the Preliminary Design Report.   The engineering analysis indicates a need for a pump station, roadway reconstruction, and stormwater detention/bio-swale area (among other things), part of which is planned to be located at the north end of Lakeshore Park.  In addition to currently working to finish the project design, the Town is also working towards identifying sources of funding for the project, such as grants and other possible options.


7/30/2019 UPDATE:   The Town of Lake Park is currently working towards the development of a new storm water master plan, which will help the Town's drainage systems to become more effective with a focus on sustainability and resiliency.  A grant from the Florida Resilient Coastlines Program was recently awarded to the Town to help fund the master planning process.  The new plan will emphasize comprehensive Town-wide use of Green Infrastructure and Low Intensity Development techniques to enhance the Town's drainage capacities, improve aethestics, and make the Town more environmentally friendly.  This project is an exciting project for the Town, and is a new way of thinking about how to manage storm water runoff.  If you have an interest in serving on a committee to help develop the new plans, please contact the Town Clerk's office to pick up an application for the Floodplain Management Committee.  




 What is the sanitation pickup schedule for grey cans, vegetation, and bulk trash?

- Grey cans used for garbage are collected on Monday and Thursday.

- Vegetation is collected on Monday only.

- Recycling is collected on Wednesday only.

- Blue bins are for plastic, glass and aluminum.

- Yellow bins are for newspaper and mixed paper.

- Bulk trash is collected on Thursday only.

Customers may call for a special pickup at 561-881-3345 if service is needed on another day for a special fee.

When a holiday falls on a sanitation pickup day, when will my collection take place?

For residential sanitation services, your regularly scheduled pickups will occur on the day following the holiday.  For commercial pickups, your regularly scheduled pickups will occur as regularly scheduled, with the exception of Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays.  Those pickups will occur on the day following the holiday.

Who do I call to fill a pothole in the street?

Potholes are filled by the Public Works Department. Please call 561-881-3345. 

How do I apply for a right-of-way permit?

If you are attempting to do work in the public right-of-way, such as a roadway, swale, sidewalk, or other public area, a right-of-way permit is required.  Please call the Public Works Department at 561-881-3345 to obtain a permit form and instructions on how to apply. 

Who maintains the swales in Town?

The swales are maintained by the property owner or their agent.  The Town has recently placed a moratorium on new tree plantings in the swales due to the development of a new storm water masterplan.  Tree plantings already require a permit, so please do not plant anything in your swale unless you have an approved permit.  Improper plantings in the swale can hurt the drainage ability of the swale, and contribute to flood-like conditions in the area.

Who takes care of a tree blocking a stop sign at an intersection?

If the tree is on private property or in the swale, the property owner is responsible. The Town does have the authority to trim back trees that are a traffic safety hazard.

What materials can be recycled?

Place plastic, glass and aluminum in the blue curbside bin.

Newspaper and mixed paper in the yellow curbside bin.

Cardboard can be stacked between the two bins or deposited in the Solid Waste Authority Recycle roll-off bin beside the railroad tracks near Park Avenue.

Why wasn't my cardboard picked up?

Cardboard boxes must be broken down and cut no larger than 14" x 18". Only corrugated cardboard is accepted.

What items can be placed in the dumpster?

Household and/or commercial garbage MUST be bagged, trash and vegetation for pick up. The Town will not pickup: construction materials such as concrete, asphalt, plaster, rock, roofing materials, automotive parts including tires, car batteries, engine blocks, gas tanks, etc. or hazardous materials such as gasoline, lacquer, oil-based paint, explosives, motor oil, pressurized containers, etc. Call the Solid Waste Authority at 561-687-1100 for further disposal information.

Why was my dumpster not picked up?

There could be several reasons. Please call Public Works at 561-881-3345 if this should happen. Typical problems are a vehicle blocking access to the dumpster, dumpster overload, dumpster behind a locked gate, etc.

Why did I get a bill for $35?

A special pickup $35 fee is charged when garbage or trash is put out for collection and picked up on the wrong day.  Also, if your trash or vegetation pile exceeds 20 cubic yards, you will be charged a special pickup fee of $35.00 plus the cost of disposal at the landfill (which is based on weight).

Is Lake Park responsible for water and sewer service?

No, for assistance please call Seacoast Utility Authority at 561-627-2900.

What is a storm drain?

A storm drain catches stormwater and carries it to the Intracoastal Waterway, South Lake or a South Florida Water Management canal. It is separate from the sewer system and is maintained by the Town. Stormwater is released untreated, and therefore, no other liquids or material should ever be deposited down a storm drain.

I just changed the oil in my car, what do I do with the waste oil?

Do not throw jugs of oil in the trash or dumpster. Do not pour down any storm drain or sewer pipe. Waste oil is recyclable and may be taken to the Lake Park Marina for recycling. Additionally, some local automotive repair centers accept waste oil.

Will the Town pick up home remodeling construction debris?

For extensive home projects, a construction roll-off dumpster is required. Call Public Works at 561-881-3345 for information. A small amount of debris from a minor home project may be collected. All debris must be 4' or less.

A sprinkler head is broken on public property, who do I call to report it?

Public Works maintains the irrigation systems in all the Town parks, medians, ball fields and around Town buildings. Call Public Works at 561-881-3345.

If a traffic sign is missing or a traffic signal is not working, who do I call?

Call Public Works at 561-881-3345. Traffic signs are maintained by the Town, but traffic signals are maintained by Palm Beach County or Florida Department of Transportation. The Town will report problems to the correct agency.

There is a street light out on my corner, who takes care of these lights?

Most street lights are repaired by Florida Power & Light, but some lights are maintained by the Town. Please report unlit street lights to Public Works at 561-881-3345.

How do I report a problem with railroad barricades crossing the tracks?

Railroad crossings are maintained by Florida East Coast Railroad. Call Public Works at 561-881-3345 and we will report any problems to the proper authorities.

Tree branches are growing into the power lines, who can cut these down?

Never cut any vegetation in or around power lines. Call Florida Power & Light Company at 561-994-8227 to report this problem.

The easement behind my house is overgrown with vegetation. Who is responsible for the maintenance?

Easements allow utility companies to reach and service their power lines, water and sewer lines, gas lines, etc. Most utility easements are mowed and cleared by the Town. Call Public Works at 561-881-3345 for further information.

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