Lake Park Historic Structures - Glossary

Casement - a window sash that swings open along its entire length, usually on hinges fixed to the side,

Double-Hung Sash - a window with two sashes, one above the other, arranged to slide vertically past each other.

Flanking Windows - window openings along both sides of a door.

Gabled Dormer - a vertical window that projects from a sloping roof, placed in a small gable roof.

Knee Brace - a triangular bracket that supports the eaves (under the roof).

Parapet - a low guarding wall extending about the roof line, a prominent feature on Mission-style homes.

Porte-cochere - a covered carriage porch; doorway large enough for a vehicle to pass through.

Quoin - stone or brick used to reinforce an external corner or edge of a wall.

Rafter Tails - the ends of the roof rafters that are exposed under the eaves.

Sash - fixed or movable framework of a window or door in which panes of glass are set.

Scuppers - small vent holes designed to allow water to drain from the roof, used mainly on Mission-style homes.

Winged Wall - low wall that flanks an entrance or designated area.

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