Kids Fishing Day

JULY 17-19, 2018


‘Kids Fishing Day’ is a three-day educational fishing event held at Lake Park Harbor Marina and hosted by the West Palm Beach Fishing Club’s charitable affiliate, the Palm Beach County Fishing Foundation. Each year, hundreds of less fortunate, at-risk and special needs children from Palm Beach County experience what most of us take for granted, a day of boating and fishing on the ocean. It takes three days and 12 separate drift boat trips to get all the kids on the water. The program will rotate various youth groups through two-hour fishing trips and two-hour fishing clinic programs each day. Kids Fishing Day is much more than just a regular fishing trip. Because of this program’s strong educational component, the kids learn all about our marine environment and why we need to protect it. This is accomplished through a variety of hands-on educational stations based on land. Some of the featured topics include knot tying, casting lessons, angler ethics, cast netting and boating safety. In addition, Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) provides several Marine Biologists to teach the kids all about marine animals and their environments. The FWC also provides its Marine Touch Tank to give the kids a unique opportunity to directly interact with other marine animals including sea urchins, crabs, fish and lobsters. To date, over 13,000 kids have participated in this heartwarming community outreach event. The program is free of charge to those who participate and is made possible each year through the generosity of many sponsors and volunteers. Each year, the campers and counselors from the Town of Lake Park Summer Camp take advantage of this amazing opportunity. Each child receives an event t-shirt, lunch, an official certificate of participation and a brand new fishing rod and reel. And of course, each child walks away with special memories of a fun day on the water and a better understanding of our unique marine environment.