Divisions of the Public Works Department



Administration Division supervises and provides support to staff.  Coordinates consultants and vendors and provides contract oversight.  Manages Capital Improvement Projects (CIP).

Sanitation Division serves businesses and residents with collection and disposal of garbage, trash, vegetation, and recycling pickup. It also provides garbage cans, recycling bins and dumpsters as needed.

Grounds Maintenance Division maintains the Town's 28 acres of parks, medians, easements, alleyways, building grounds and greenery, including grass, trees and shrubbery.

Facilities Division is responsible for building maintenance and repair, and assists other departments with special events and functions.

Vehicle Division services Town-owned vehicles and equipment.

Streets and Roads Division repairs and maintains the Town's streets, sidewalks, street signs and signals.  

Stormwater Division repairs and maintains the Town's storm drains and related infrastructure.