The Planning Division consists of the Planning Section and the Zoning Section.

The Planning Section reviews site plans for all new Town development and major redevelopment activities. The Planning staff coordinates site plan reviews with other Town departments, such as Public Works, Police and Fire protection, and develops recommendations for the Planning and Zoning Board and the Town Commission.

The Planning Division maintains and updates the Town's Comprehensive Plan, which describes the Town's vision for the future through long-range goals, objectives and policies; the staff then works with property owners and developers to meet those goals and objectives. Other issues the Division addresses are land use, environmental issues, housing, transportation, recreation facilities and other infrastructure systems.

Zoning Section - The Town's Zoning Code of Ordinances regulates land use and development for commercial, industrial and residential uses, including specific requirements like set backs from the street, types of businesses in particular areas and landscaping. The staff works with residents and business owners to ensure that the desired usage is in compliance and consistent with the Town zoning requirements. Special exception, variances and code change applications are submitted to the Zoning Section.

To access the Lake Park Code of Ordinances, please click hereMUNICODE

Information and assistance is available at the Department's front counter in Town Hall or by telephone at 561-881-3320. Applications and forms are available on line or in person.


The Building Division has four separate functions: Permitting, Plan Review, Field Inspections and the processing of Business Tax Receipts.

The Building Division makes certain that residential, commercial and industrial structures and uses are properly constructed and meet all local, state and federal requirements through the processing of all construction related permit applications and inspections.

Permitting ensures compliance with all pertinent state, county and local ordinances, as well as adopted technical standards. Other Division duties include the collection of state, county and local fees, garage sale permits, and other informational services for the general public. Florida Statutes specifically require local governments to enforce minimum building codes and standards through building permits.

Plan Review of construction documents is required to ensure compliance with all codes, ordinances, rules and regulations, and includes building, plumbing, mechanical, 
electrical, gas, signage, contracting, handicap, energy, flood, zoning, landscaping and other codes. Once documents are in compliance, permits are issued.

Field Inspection ensures that building construction complies with codes, ordinances, rules and regulations.

INSPECTION REQUESTS can be emailed to permit@lakeparkflorida.gov - include your NamePhone NumberPermit Number, and Type of Inspection.  Inspections are only scheduled one day in advance and requests must be received before 4pm the day prior. PLEASE NOTE:  ALL INSPECTIONS ARE BETWEEN 9:00 A.M. - 3:00 P.M.

Certificates of Occupancy are required by State statute as a condition of occupancy. Other functions include the inspection of existing structures for minimum construction standards, inspections for occupational license applicants and review of contractor licenses.

Another service provided by the Building Division is the review and processing of the Business Tax Receipt which is required for all businesses located within the Town limits.


The Code Compliance Division and its officers are responsible for the enforcement of the Town rules known as the Code of Ordinances, which provide for the health, safety and welfare of all the Town's residents, along with protecting and enhancing the visual appearance of the community. Un-maintained properties can depreciate property values thus increasing the tax burden. They may also attract vandalism and crime. Being knowledgeable about our Codes and understanding the need to work together is an important function in preserving and improving our property values, enhancing and promoting the general health, safety and welfare of the community, and improving the aesthetics of our Town; thereby, creating a better quality of life for all.

Contact the Code Compliance Office at (561) 881-3321, Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. if you would like to report a Code matter. It is important to have the exact street address of the property where the possible Code violation exists.
Code complaints may remain ANONYMOUS.

Most Common Code Violations:
1. Landscape violations, such as overgrown lawns (residential) and failure to meet minimum landscape requirements (commercial).
2. Failure to obtain a Business Tax Receipt.
3. Parking violations, such as parking on the swale or sidewalk.
4. Sign violations, such as failure to obtain a permit and erecting illegal signs (banners, A-frame signs, window signs, etc.).
5. Building maintenance violations and failure to obtain permits to commence construction.