Construction Board of Adjustments and Appeals

Membership: Seven (7) members serving one (1) year terms and two (2) alternate members serving one (1) year terms. Such board members shall be composed of individuals with knowledge and experience in the technical codes to include, when feasible, an architect, engineer, general contractor, electrical contractor, HVAC contractor, plumbing contractor, and any other contractor licensed category. In addition to the regular members, there should be two alternate members, one member with the qualifications referenced above and one member at large from the public. A board member shall not act in a case in which he has a personal or financial interest.

The board shall establish rules and regulations for its own procedures not inconsistent with the provisions of this code. The board shall meet on call of the chairman. The board shall meet within 30 calendar days after notice of appeal has been received.

Meeting date: On-call

Current Openings: Nine (9)

Library Advisory Board

Membership: Five (5) members serving two (2) year terms and two (2) alternate members serving two (2) year terms. This board shall act in an advisory capacity (non-administrative), to assure representation of the ideas of citizens and taxpayers of the Town relative to the function and operation of municipal library and reading rooms in the Town.

Meeting Date: On-call

Current Openings: one (1) regular membership position and two (2) alternate positions

Planning & Zoning

Membership: Five (5) regular members serving two (2) year terms, and two (2) alternate members serving one (1) year terms effective May first of each year. Board Membership is open to residents and non-resident business owners and should consist of one land use planner or architect, one architect, one civil engineer, one person engaged in business within the Town and a fifth member who need not be engaged in any particular business. The board shall elect a chairman and vice chairman from its membership in January of each year.

To hear and make recommendations to the Town Commission with regard to development plans within the Town, issues relating to the Zoning Code; to issue or deny certificates of appropriatenedss or special appropriateness; to approve historical markers and issue certificates of recognition; to establish guidelines for perservation; to promote awareness of historic preservation and its benefits to the Town.

Meeting Date: First Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Current Openings: No current positions available 

Tree Board

Membership: Five (5) regular members shall serve three (3) year terms. To prepare an inventory of all trees on public property within the Town, assist with the preservation/planting and /or removal of trees and scrubs in parks, rights-of-ways.

Meeting Date: First Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Current Openings: One (1) regular membership positions and two (2) alternate positions

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