Permit & Other Documents

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2008 EAR Amendments for Comprehensive Plan

PDF icon EAR Amendments 2008.pdf
AC Changeout Form

PDF icon AC Changeout Form(4).pdf
Ad Valorem Tax Exemption ORD 13-2010

PDF icon Ad Valorem Tax Ordinance ORD 13-2010.pdf
Application for Garage/Yard Sale Permit

PDF icon Garage_Yard Sale Permit Application.pdf
Application for Signage

PDF icon Application for Signage July 2016.pdf
Bank Registration Packet

PDF icon Bank Registration Packet.pdf
Building Permit Application

PDF icon Building Permit Application.pdf
Building Permit Application for ROOF

PDF icon Building Permit Application for ROOF.pdf
Building Permit REVISION Form

PDF icon permit revision form.pdf
Business Tax Application

PDF icon Business Tax Application.pdf
Change of Contractor Request Form

PDF icon Change of Contractor Form.pdf
Checklist for Certificate of Occupancy & Completion

PDF icon CHECKLIST_Certificate of Occupancy_Certificate of Completion UPDATED 043014.pdf
Code Manual

Commerical Property Rental Application

PDF icon Commercial Property Rental Application
Comprehensive Plan

PDF icon Town of Lake Park - Original Comp Plan Clean Up DM 030317.pdf
Contractor Registration Form

PDF icon Contractor's Registration.pdf
CRA Master Plan

PDF icon cra master plan_2.pdf
Customer Service Questionnaire

PDF icon Customer Service Questionnaire(4).pdf
Development Review Fee Schedule

PDF icon Development Review Permit Fee Schedule(4).pdf
Early Power Release Form for Electrical Building Permits (New Constructions & Additions)

PDF icon Early Power Release Form for Building Permit Application (Additions or New Constructions)(1).pdf
Easement Release Form

PDF icon Easement Release Form.pdf
Expedited Permitting Ordinance 09-2009

PDF icon Expedited Permitting Ord 09-2009.pdf
FAQ for New Businesses

PDF icon FAQ for New Business(2).pdf
Fee Schedule for Building Permits and Related Services

PDF icon Fee Schedule for Building Permits and Related Services_September 2014 version.pdf
FLOOD FACTS - Info regarding the risk of floods

PDF icon flood facts 050809.pdf
Flood Plain Map

PDF icon Flood_Plain_2009.pdf
Floodplain Management Regulations Adopted 10-2017

PDF icon Floodplain Management Regulations Adopted 10-2017.pdf, PDF icon FEMA FLOODMAP 1pdf.pdf, PDF icon FEMA FLOODMAP 2pdf.pdf